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Used successfully by over 600,000 dog-loving bicyclists, mushers, and K9 corps around the world, the Springer uses a low-mounted, heavy-duty steel spring to absorb up to 90% of the force of a dog’s unexpected tugs, allowing bike riders to keep their balance, while protecting their dogs from traffic, pedals, and wheels. In addition, the patented safety release frees your dog instantly if he/she gets caught around a tree or hydrant. Manufactured in Norway, the Springer offers easy installation and an option to exercise two dogs simultaneously. Springer fits most regular, touring, and mountain bikes.

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Taking your dog out on a bike outing has never been easier.

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The Safety Release

The “safety release” instantly frees your dog should a post, tree or hydrant come between you. The safety release will break so to avoid injury to you and your dog.

The safety release is attached to a sturdy 18” rope that is knotted through the appropriate hole, depending on dog’s strength. Use the largest end if he is a strong puller.

Each Springer Kit comes with 10 safety releases, 1 rope leash and 1 metal clip.

The Clamp

The clamp fits most regular, touring and mountain bikes. You need 3.5” of vertical space on the bike frame or the seat stem. It features a channel for cables. (One clamp is included in the Springer kit.)

Between trips, you can remove the Springer in two seconds by simply releasing the cotter pin.

Buy an extra clamp for an additional bike. This way you can easily move the Springer Arm from one bike to the other.

The Adapter

The adapter will enable you to lower or raise the Springer arm on your bike 4 inches up or down without moving the Springer bracket or clamp. This will clear the arm from skimming your heel as you pedal. This 4-inch difference enables the Springer to fit on more bike models.

Adapter is sold separately.

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Exercising Two Dogs at One Time

The Springer Xtra Arm Kit, enables Springer lovers to ride with multiple dogs on both sides of their bikes. Developed in response to customer requests, the Springer Xtra Arm allows you to replace the single bolt of the original Springer Dog Exerciser with the new dual bolt and simply slide on the Springer Xtra Arm. If you don’t already own a Springer Dog Exerciser and would like to bike with dogs on both sides of your bike, then purchase the Springer Dual Arm. This kit contains everything you need to bike with dogs on both sides.

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Exercising Multiple Dogs at One Time

The Springer Dual Arm Kit contains everything you need to bike with two dogs on each side. But if you would like to bike with more than two dogs we recommend you purchase a couple of release packs that contain enough rope leash and plastic safety releases.

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Works for the strongest dogs

The Springer Dog Exerciser is heavy-duty enough for the strong pulling breeds.


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