Head Tilt Bike Leash, Black


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Head Tilt Bike Leash

The head tilt bike leash allows you to take your furry companion along on bike rides while providing healthy exercise at the same time. Constructed from high-strength stainless steel, the 16 -in. Tube features 18 to 40 inches of adjustable leash, keeping your best friend a safe distance from bike wheels. After initial installation, the leash can be quickly and easily detached from the bike, allowing owners the versatility of walking their dog or taking them for a ride.

Head Tilt Bike Leash

Hassle free detach system

Hassle free detach system allows you to unscrew the leash effortlessly, after initial installation, and serve as a walking leash

Shock-absorbing Bungee

Shock-absorbing Bungee leash allows you to maintain control while riding without the effects of your best friends sudden jerking movements. Adjustable Bungee cord extends 18 – 40 inches, giving your pet a relaxed and comfortable stride alongside the bike

High strength

Built from high-strength stainless steel, the rustproof head tilt bike leash extends out 16 to prevent dangerous tangling

dog bike leash
Head Tilt Bike Leash
Measurements (in) 18.25 x 2 x 1


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