Hands Free Leash Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash Dog Running Leash for Dog Bike Exerciser


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Would you like to be able to ride your bike and take your pet for a walk at the same time? Do you want to keep your dog under control while riding your bike? If the answer is YES then you need the innovative bicycle dog leash by Dog Care.
The advantages of our products:
1.Built from high-strength stainless steel, cord length is adjustable, it can extends 30 inches max.
2.Stainless steel bar: Bar’s handle covered with silicone for a better grip when using as a walking leash, and steel clamp contains a nonslip rubber piece, this can help protect your bike from scratching.
3. Easy to install and control, can be detached within five to ten minutes with an Allen Key, which is included inside the package.
4. There is an internal shock absorbing system, which can bear more strength from dogs, which increases stability.
5.Design prevents your dog from running in front of the bike and encourages your dog to stay at a safe distance to the bike.
Bicycle Leash Dimension: Length: 16.7 inch; Weight: about 530 grams.
Packaging Dimension:17 x 2.8 x 1.6 inch
Installation Steps:
1.Once taking it out of the box, separating both parts of the main clamp.
2.Put the rubber piece around the saddle-holding pole(this will protect the pole and will fix the clamp).
3.Now position the main clamp to the pole and tighten the screws with the Allen Wrench.
4.Screw the bar to the thread standing out of the main clamp.
5. Fasten the metal clip to your dog’s collar or harness, and ready to go.


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