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We have been raising and training Siberian Huskies for over 28 years in the beautiful Swan Valley of Breckenridge, Colorado. We have about 150 huskies that are not just hard-working sled dogs but they are also extremely friendly. We along with every member of our staff take pride in how our dogs are treated and how they are trained.

Snow Caps has been a family run kennel since it’s beginning in 1984. Started by Husky lover Jim Pasholka, he and his family gave dogsled tours to tourists visiting the area. In 1994 John Paiement, a former employee, purchased Snow Caps. John and his two sons worked to grow the kennel and the business. In 1996 the Paiements partnered with Good Times Adventures to bring the ultimate dog sledding experience to Summit County, Colorado. John passed away in 2006 leaving the kennel to his son Orion. Some day Orion hopes to leave the kennel to his daughter Penelope and son Palmer. Today we have over 15 employees that work hard to make Snow Caps a great place to be for our dogs and our customers.


Question: How strong is the Tug & Tow?
Answer: The main device can hold up to 2,000lbs it is made of the same high strength polycarbonate material as football helmets. The rope and bungee can hold up to 800lbs.

Question: What’s with the rumble? Why does the T&T make noise when the line is going in and out?
Answer: The flat three-post spool has three main benefits.
A. It allows you to check your line before every run right down to the point where it attaches.
B. It also allows you to change your line when it begins to show signs of wear so you are not forced to buy a new device just to ensure your dogs are safely attached.
C. The noise and vibration it makes gives another indication that your line is going in or out. It helps give you a heads up when you happen to not be looking ahead.
When you hear the “Rumble” GET YOUR EYES ON YOUR DOG.

Question: The bolts that came with my T&T are not long enough what do I do?
Answer: Some bikes have the up tube and down tube melded together before they get to the head tube you may need to buy longer bolts. They are a standard 5/16” carriage bolt and are easy to find at most hardware stores you can pick up a set that is longer for a few bucks. Make sure to buy nuts along with the new bolts so you know the threads are going to match.

Question: I have a bike or cart that I don’t think the bolt attachment will attach to properly. Is there anything I can do?
Answer: Yes, there is. You can attach the T&T to most anything using a standard cam strap or ratchet strap. Remove the side windows and the bolts then wrap the strap around the back of the main housing (where the bolts go through) and around whatever you are attaching to. 

Question: How do I change my line?
Answer: There are instructions that come with your T&T, you can also check out instructional videos by going to our YOUTUBE link.

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